Scott Jones

Voicemail Inventor and Serial Entrepreneur (Indianapolis, IN / Honolulu, HI)

Scott is a veteran early-stage entrepreneur, inventor, strategist, and venture capitalist. As CEO, Chairman, and/or Director of many companies, Scott has participated in raising more than $200 million of capital, with collective returns of over $5 billion for investors.

His ventures include Boston Technology (now Comverse, Inc.), sold for $843 million in mid-90’s; and Gracenote, which powers iTunes and dozens of other top music services and devices, sold to Sony in 2008 for $260 million and subsequently sold in 2014 to Tribune Media.

Scott has invested and led various other entrepreneurial ventures including ChaCha, a unique human-powered Q&A venture that pre-dated Facebook’s “M” by a decade. His investors have included Jeff Bezos, 2M, VantagePoint, Rho, and Qualcomm.

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